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ughlin's attention is the emergence of Chinese science fiction, particular▓ly Liu Cixin's Hugo Award-winning Three-Body Problem, in recent years."They are becomi

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ng▓ not only popular among Chinese readers, but also across the world," he said. "There seems to be a lot more exciteme▓nt and attention to them than any othe▓r movement or group of Chinese writers who has emerged

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" he said. "So there's a kind of▓ full circle here."FLAVOR OF TODAY'S CHINAWhen he and▓ professor Liu Hongtao from Beijing Normal University w▓ere selecting the novellas for their 2016 book "By the▓ River: Seven Co

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ntemporary Chinese Novellas," Laughli▓n said they were looking for works of today's China that conveyed the fabric of contemporary experience in the thriving economy."We wanted to show the flavor of everyday▓ life in China, without so much drama and ▓violence," said Laughlin. What American readers ofte▓n look for when they read Chinese authors, however, is "some kind of criticism of some kind of probl▓em" in society, he added

ia said the probe is the most comprehens

.Laughlin was confident t▓hat their selected Chinese Literature would help Western readers better understand the more complex and richer reality of the fast-transforming Asian power."What literature does, and this go▓es for

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mporary writers," he said. "▓The more you read back into the century be▓fore and the centuries before that...the more you see the continuities and changes of Chinese cu

lture."CROSSING CULTURAL BARRIERS IN DIGITAL, VISUAL WORLDLaughlin has been changing his syllabus and wa

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ys of teaching his studen▓ts about literature in general as it is becoming "m▓arginalized by digital cultu

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re and visual culture." His Chinese literature course is no exception."I think another challenge we have

Asian▓ Lan

guages, Literatures

here is that students are not necessarily reading a lot of literature anyway, " he said. "We have to dr

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n to study


aw their a▓ttention back to the specific richness of language an▓d text. But I also use more film and visual cultu▓re in my classes."As to his students' reaction to the "By the River" nov


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ella collection, he said: "American students who don't know so much▓ about China find

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stories are dealing with.""Some of them like▓d stories more than I expected them to. A

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  • gnificant works to use," said Laughlin. The na
  • mes included Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Cao Yu, and Ba Jin
  • , mostly authors from the first half
  • of the 20th Century.More and more Chine
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all of the great (Chinese) authors who are bei

hey would like," he said. "But I think they make a great component to use in teaching about modern and contemporary Chinese literature.""Apart from learning t▓he thoughts,

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